Saturday January 31, 2015

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Biology Lesson Plans, Powerpoints, and Activities for Your Classroom.

The site was created to help teachers find resources that are unavailable in most ancillary text materials. With so much available on the Web, it is often unnecessary to create new activities. It is more than likely that it already exists.

In addition, there are many PowerPoint Presentations, Activities, Labs, Animations, Tutorials, Games, and Videos that enhance the learning or just make learning more fun.

Many of the plans you'll find here were made for use in my classroom. Others are lesson plans that I've found over many years of teaching.

We hope you enjoy the site.

Teachers are the best to know what works and doesnít work in the classroom. We have all created activities and worksheets that would benefit others. Letís share and create a master list of enriching lessons for our students.

If you have content you would like to add or find a site that would be useful to other teachers, please send us an email.

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